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Information and Automatic process of Cookies:

Cookies are used to investigate it for other needs. The server hosting the site will collect information about your visit automatically such information never identifies personal, it follows that the back area of cyberspace in which you access this site, the Internet address Protocol in which you access this site and, finally, collect your access date and time.

We have a report immediately to the site; cookies are used to avoid duplication of research results. A cookie is sent only by failing to research of a unique string stored. Easy to avoid the cookie without any investigation, you can refuse cookies or delete cookie files from your computer. See your browser instructions to remove accommodation, use, or to refuse cookies.

Provided Information:

Only optional surveys we provide that have no services to public by collecting the personal information online. Survey information will cover and very same as your contact data. Information gathered from children though website does not request data from children, we request the parent data for the child below 13.


The site and its advisors have brought more integrity through action associated with the computer and meshing. These measures include, and not limited to, the rights to individual users, security, information received from the security monitoring, control and data encryption. Methods and security measures have been included in design, implementation and daily practice throughout the site.

Links Disclaimer:

Pages contain links of other sites such as government agencies and businesses. When you access another site, this privacy statement does not apply on other sites and is subject to privacy policy of this site. Links to state governments are fully available for your convenience. State agency is not responsible for third party sites. Arizona agency, officer, provides services related to this system, and should not be held responsible for any information. Some parts of their fields may be outdated. Any entity in the trusts of any data obtained from the system to users and risk.

Updating Privacy Policy Statement:

The policy may be revised please check back regularly.