A Strategy on Million Dollars

Blackjack traditional strategy is known for its ability to help the player increase his winning chances in the game. To see the first results quickly you are obliged to follow the rules perfectly.

Traditional blackjack might help you to become a pros player who earns money playing in casinos. Here are few main states you should follow strictly in order to become a skilled player.

Blackjack Options

Always use your options. They are:

  • Splitting

    You can split your cards into two hands with similar bets if cards are of the same value. By dividing them into two you at least might get one winning hand.

  • Doubling Down

    You can double the size of your bet if your two first cards' total is from 9 to 11 and you don't have an Ace among them. But after doubling you may get only one another card and play with your 3 cards in total against dealer.

  • Insurance

    It works when the dealers face up card is an Ace. In that case you can insure your bets from dealer's possible blackjack and receive a payout 2:1. If the dealer wins then you get the insurance and lose your wager.

  • Surrender

    An option which provides saving the half of your bet so you won't lose the whole bet at all. When you use this option, the half of your bet goes to the casino. The other half is left to you.

Describing Main Strategy

When sitting at the table, focus yourself on the cards that are in the game and are being dealt. Try to remember the cards that have been already left the game. And no matters how do you play - online or offline - this advice works in both cases. It is not the classic card counting system you might be heard of, but this trick is some sort of counting.

The chances of receiving a high card are above the average, when in the game are left only cards with values lower than 9. Simply start noticing and keep in mind how many high and low cards still stayed in the game. That's how you can predict further events moving and make your decision.


Let's imagine that your hands total is 16 at the moment. And the dealer card's subtotal equals 10 (his face up card). Hit once, though the chances to be exceeded grows, because there are very few cards to suit you. If you see that there are many low cards at the playing table - then you can be sure that receiving a low card is unlikely in comparison to the start of the game. That's why it's better for you to Stay and do nothing.

Now, when you are acquainted with the basic strategy in playing https://bingo77uk.com/bingo-offers/bingo-sites-no-wagering, you are able to improve your skills and make reasonable decisions.