Blackjack Moves

The most important feature of Blackjack is the number of hit options that one can make. Players have the freedom to choose the best options from what is made available.

The options available should be used wisely; you should understand which option to use for each move so that you can increase your winning chances. Any wrong choice will take the edge you hold and shift the advantage to the house. The options available include: hit, stand, double down and split pairs. Some insights on the blackjack options are provided below.

Blackjack options or moves

Stand and hit form the two fundamental players' options available in blackjack. The stand option is used when you do not want extra cards to be given to you. Waving your hand over the cards you have with your palm facing downward communicates that you wish to stand. This option is recognized in Atlantic City and most casinos of today although you are allowed to shout out if you wish to stand by some casinos.

If the values of your already dealt cards do not look very favorable, there is another option in blackjack that allows you to pick and extra card. This option will only be valid if the total value of the cards together with the third card will not be more than 21 or will not be equal to 21. This option is called a hit. You can move your fingers or point towards the cards as an indication that you want to make a hit.

If your first two cards have the same value you can use the split pair option in blackjack. This option allows you to play the two cards separately until an opportunity opens up or the cards at hand become more favorable. This is what is called splitting pairs. The internet has a lot of articles on blackjack player moves if you wish to find more detailed information about the splitting pair's option.

There is another idea of double down, this is when you are allowed to double your bet placed before starting to deal with your cards. Double down is another option available in blackjack. This option is used when you believe that you are able to beat the dealer with the third available card.

There are above some of the highlights on the blackjack moves. We have other detailed articles about these player moves. For a more informative and better insight on blackjack you should look for the other available sources.